About Us
Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire we bring a wide range of experience to all of our clients. Passionate about our company and our products, we believe that we offer a high quality service using a combination of innovative Business Intelligence (BI) techniques and tried and tested methods from major blue chip organisations.

With over 20 years experience of delivering Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions in many different scenarios, we have a wide knowledge and understanding of the world in which we operate.

Over the years we have developed solutions to hundreds of problems, provided many senior executives with the tools and systems to help them make better decisions for their businesses and streamlined costly business processes in several industries.

Focussing predominantly on the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of applications, we have implemented many solutions to help businesses turn raw data into useful information and insights. This provides business leaders with the information they need to improve decision making and gain competitive advantage.

Take a look at some of our case studies for more detail or get in touch to ask us more about our experience in your industry.
Why should you choose i-Decisions?

Our staff bring a wealth of experience, gained over many years of implementing BI solutions.

Our record of delivering BI solutions to a wide range of industries and businesses, helping them to increase their profitability.

Our open and approachable nature - your success is our success.

Our quick delivery and excellent value for money.

Our flexibility and adaptability, helping to deliver the right solution for you.