Our Approach

The approach we take to all of our projects uses a combination of industry standard guidelines and the learnings we have applied from all of our previous experiences. We purposely review this approach after each project, helping us to continuously improve and refine the process for future. We have found this approach to be the most effective way to manage the project and this continues to be a proven success time after time.

All of our projects benefit from regular status reports and updates, with every solution accompanied by technical documentation and end-user guides as well as a period of post go-live support from a dedicated contact and access to our client portal.

Our core approach is made up of 5 key elements:

The initial stage of the project involves one or more of our senior consultants gathering all the requirements from your business.

This can be done in a number of different ways, from face-to-face interviews to questionnaires to business workshops, and will often be a combination of methods.

This gives us the chance to gain as much high-level understanding of your entire business as we can in a very short timescale. We can then drill further into the more specific BI requirements with your key stakeholders to ensure the solution we provide will be fit for purpose.


The design stage of the project sees us take the requirements from your business, analyse them in more detail and design the functionality and content of the solution. All of our design documents follow a standard format and are always written in plain English. Typically the document(s) will explain what is to be built, any specific data requirements and will highlight any design decisions which need to be made before the solution is built.

This stage will always involve one or more business reviews followed by a formal sign-off once you are comfortable with the proposed solution. Once the FD is agreed, development of the solution can commence.


The build stage of the project primarily consists of one or more of our developers physically creating the application screens, database tables and all associated program code. As this phase is predominantly carried out "in-house", our project status reports provide you with frequent updates on how well the build is progressing.

We also commit to giving you demonstrations of the solution at various stages during the build to ensure the look and feel is as you are expecting, giving us the opportunity to alter any design features before the build is complete.


The test stage of the project is made up of a minimum of two test phases. The first test phase will involve the newly-built solution having each element of it's functionality tested to ensure everything is behaving as expected. Once this has achieved the required pass rate, we move to a user acceptance test phase where a version is made available to a small number of your staff to ensure that all end-user requirements have been met and that the system does what they expect on your internal infrastructure.

Each phase of test can have up to three passes where any defects are resolved and re-tested. Only when all defects are resolved can the project move into deployment.


The final stage of the project is where the tested and signed-off solution is deployed into your organisation. This will usually entail us working with the individual(s) responsible for your computer systems to transfer all elements of the final solution onto your infrastructure, before one final test of functionality.

In many smaller businesses, we can assist with the procurement of software and hardware and manage a full deployment if necessary.