Small and Medium Businesses

Whether you are a new business looking to get the best start possible, an existing business looking to expand, or purely looking to streamline some of your business processes through the use of better business decisions, i-Decisions can help you.

Our mission is to help you make the right decisions for your business, assisting you in realising the benefits of working smarter through the effective use of technology, leading to greater profits and success for your business.

In the last few years, businesses of all sizes have started to store greater and greater amounts of digital data in various databases, spreadsheets and other documents on a variety of media from corporate servers to individuals’ workstations to portable media such as memory sticks. Whilst this is a vast improvement on the pages and pages of paper which needed storing and indexing in the past, finding the right information in the vast amount of data stored is becoming the new headache for business owners. A recent survey of U.S and U.K businesses showed that the average manager spends two hours per day looking for data, before rejecting half of it because it is later determined useless.

Identifying trends and patterns about your sales, suppliers, customers or staff can all help to drive down your costs and increase your turnover. At i-Decisions we specialise in the use of both existing and new data, captured and stored in your business to drive multi-level analysis, helping you to make fact-based decisions instead of depending on gut instinct and guesswork.

Research proves that fact based decisions are three times more likely to result in success than those based on guesswork, and in most cases all the data you need to make these decisions already exists in your organisation. The trick is consolidating it and using it – something which we have many years experience in.

If you want to see how i-Decisions can help you to take your business forward, please get in touch.